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Pioneers Of DIY Online Sampling

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by Matt Dusig, Co-founder & CEO

I believe that competition is at the core of any successful tech company; pioneers lay the groundwork, new entrants build on top of that groundwork, and all parties become more fiercely committed to solving problems. Take search engines for example. Yahoo! pioneered a hugely popular early search engine for the web. Its limitation was in how quickly its database of human-powered results could keep up with the rapidly expanding web. Google saw a problem and created a better solution.

I was recently asked by Bob Lederer of the Research Business Daily Report about my thoughts on how Google Consumer Surveys (GCS) has impacted the Market Research industry. I’ll reiterate what I wrote in the first product review of GCS: “GCS’ move into the Market Research industry brings good visibility to on-demand SaaS insights.” I truly believe that competition propels innovation and everyone wins.

So when companies like Google and SurveyMonkey followed uSamp’s lead by combining DIY surveying and sampling into one single platform, I saw that as reinforcement of our early dreams and visions.

When we founded uSamp in 2008, we were on a mission to bring DIY solutions to researchers around the world. uSamp was a pioneer of self-serve panel access platforms and we’ve educated the industry on the benefits and efficiencies of this type of sampling. Our company name reflects this vision. uSamp stands for “You Sample,” and serves to support the idea that any of our clients, on any given day, can log on to obtain consumer insight and control that data first-hand.

I’ve always said that our biggest competitor to self-serve sample is awareness, not competitors. I expect greater awareness to drive our solution’s success. Our product’s speed, depth and ease-of-use will be its winning attributes.

ResearchNow recently launched a self-serve sampling solution called Samplify that is a direct competitor to uSamp’s SampleMarketTM solution. I’ve been asked by clients about the major differences between uSamp’s SampleMarket and Research Now’s Samplify. Here are three:

1) uSamp uses verified, double opt-in panelists. ResearchNow soley uses social media river, via embedded survey walls.  While uSamp is a big believer in river sampling for specific use cases, using opt-in panelists for our DIY solution allows us to have tighter control over quality while tracking panelist history. It also lends to higher response rates and re-contact opportunities. Using this method also allows us to control the flow and distribution of sample over a time period – not just a soft/full launch or balancing at the end of your fielding period. So if you want your sample to be spread evenly over the field period, SampleMarket can control that with the check of a box.

2) uSamp’s SampleMarket allows clients to access both uSamp panelists and a client’s own proprietary white label panels (hosted on the SampleMarket platform). In addition, SampleMarket allows clients to aggregate sample from any sampling firm in the world with whom the client has an existing relationship. This type of project-based aggregation of variant samples allows for greater quality and verification.

3) SampleMarket features a robust API (application programming interface) that allows any company to integrate automated sampling into their existing technical workflow. With millions of monthly API calls to uSamp servers, the SampleMarket API is in a league of its own in the #mrx industry.

Figure 1. uSamp's SampleMarket Dashboard

Figure 2. Samplify's Dashboard



- Access to uSamp’s verified, double opt-in panelists.

- Access to a client’s own proprietary panel.

- Add unlimited amount of external sample suppliers.








- Access to Social Media River traffic







uSamp has invested millions of dollars in the development of these solutions and we hope you take advantage of our platforms. Our goal is to save you time and money; companies around the world have seen the benefits of becoming a preferred uSamp partner. It’s a great compliment to uSamp that these new entrants to the DIY space believe in our original vision for the future.

December 12th, 2012

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