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Link Dump: February 18 – March 1 2013

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Courtesy of The New Yorker


Welcome to uSamp’s bi-weekly link dump: A compilation of all things trending in Market Research, Mobile, Social Media, Gamification and more. We hope you’ll find this aggregation as informative and entertaining as we do. Let us know if there are items that you’d like to see included in the next link dump!

Market Research

Ipsos slams Europe’s political failings for constraining growth
FRANCE — Global market research company Ipsos has slammed the on-going lacklustre political response to the Eurozone’s troubles in its full-year results.

Coping with complexity
Complex, unpredictable systems are a fact of life, says GfK’s Colin Strong. So market research needs to become more nimble-footed to help marketers adapt and achieve success.

Launch for self-service analytics tool Colabo
US — A self-service marketing analytics tool called Colabo has launched with a 30-day free trial.

Game Analytics raises $2.5m from HuffPo CEO and others
DENMARK — Game Analytics, a Copenhagen-based videogame analytics firm, has raised $2.5m in funding from a group of investors including Huffington Post CEO Jimmy Maymann, and TechCrunch founder Micheal Arrington’s venture capital firm CrunchFund.

GfK Integrates Facial Analysis into Ad Testing System
GfK has integrated its ‘EMO Scan’ facial expression measure into its existing ad testing system, to help clients understand consumers’ spontaneous emotional response to advertising.

General Motors renews contract with Intersperience
UK — Car manufacturer General Motors has awarded research company Intersperience a second five-year contract to assess the company’s customer care programme.

Millenial Media to buy Metaresolver
US — Mobile advertising and data platform Millennial Media is to buy San Francisco-based Metaresolver, a privately held mobile media buying and targeting platform, in an all-cash transaction.

Nielsen Loses Australian Radio Contract to GfK
After 66 years delivering Australia’s radio ratings, Nielsen Media has lost the contract to GfK, to whom national industry body Commercial Radio Australia (CRA) has awarded a three-year deal starting next January.

Social Media

Facebook Rises as 63.5 Million Users in China Skirt Ban

Facebook Inc. (FB) shares advanced after researcher GlobalWebIndex said the social-networking site has seen an eightfold increase in users in China since that nation restricted access to the service in 2009.
Facebook Buys Atlas Ad Business From Microsoft
Facebook announced on Thursday it has acquired Microsoft’s Atlas Advertiser Suite, an online ad business and management service, after months of rumours that the two companies were in talks to make a deal.

66.5 Million Facebook Interactions Occurred During the Oscars
LOS ANGELES — Seth MacFarlane’s parody of Sally Field’s The Flying Nun sitcom during the 85th Academy Awards opening monologue got the show off to a social start.

Rebecca Marino Quits Tennis Following Attacks on Social Media
Canadian tennis professional Rebecca Marino announced she is quitting the sport, following a bout with depression that has been exacerbated by cyber bullying on social media sites.

YouTube Updates iOS App, Adds Send-to-TV Feature
YouTube updated its iOS app Thursday, adding the Send-to-TV feature it introduced for Android in November of last year.

Join NASA for Google Plus hangout from International Space Station
“This unique opportunity will connect you, our fans, with astronauts living and working on the orbiting laboratory 240 miles above the Earth,” reads a post by NASA about the event.

Twitter whitewash: Chinese officials pay £130 to have incriminating tweets wiped from Weibo
Officials in China are paying £130 a time to have incriminating tweets about themselves removed from Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter.

What Your Selfie Says About You
Consider this: Instagram has 100 million active users. And the Facebook-owned photo-sharing service has, at last count, 109 million photos tagged, simply, “#me.”


Yeltsin-Era Tycoons Sell Resources for Distance From Kremlin
Viktor Vekselberg, Russia’s third-richest man according to the Bloomberg Billionaire Index, said this year he will invest his share of the $28 billion sale of half of oil producer TNK-BP in technology, machinery and alternative energy, not resources.

Groupon Ousts Mason After CEO Fails to Confront Coupon Slump
Groupon Inc. (GRPN) ousted Andrew Mason as chief executive officer a day after reporting results that disappointed investors and underscored his failure to cope with diminished demand for daily coupons, the company’s main product.

Apple Supplier Corning Sees 3-Year Wait on Flexible Glass
Corning Inc. (GLW), the maker of glass for Apple Inc. (AAPL) iPhones, said it will probably take at least three years before companies start making flexible displays using its new Willow material.

Minority Report 3D computer lets you reach inside screen
A three-dimensional computer has been unveiled that allows you to reach beyond the screen and move content around in the style of the sci-fi film Minority Report.

Apple promises more innovation
Apple chief executive Tim Cook has insisted that the iPhone maker does not have its head “stuck in the sand”, as he gave the strongest signal yet the company is working on an important new product.

The Tech That Makes the Pebble Watch Tick
The Pebble smart watch is the most successful Kickstarter project in history, raising more than $10 million from more than 69,000 backers.


Smartphone app tests urine for medical conditions
A smartphone app that analyses urine samples for a range of medical conditions has been demonstrated at a science fair in the US.

Google’s Android army occupies Barcelona
At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, one company looms over proceedings, writes Matt Warman, and that company is Google.

Florence and the Google Machine storm Barcelona
The hottest ticket at Mobile World Congress 2013 wasn’t for a new announcement, it was for Google’s annual party.

Nokia unveils £13 phone
The Nokia 105 may not feature a multimega pixel camera or a touchscreen but its new Nokia 105 phone will cost a mere 15 euros (£13) before taxes.

MWC 2013 day one: as it happened

LG releases new ‘phablet’ at MWC 2013
The South Korean Electronics Company LG rolled out their new flagship so-called phablet, a mix between a smartphone and a tablet at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Blauw Rolls Out GameChanger Co-Creation Tool
Online qual specialist Blauw Research has launched a new co-creation tool called ‘GameChanger’, designed to draw increased insights, ideas and innovations from brand advocates in a focus group setting.

Facebook, Google and Amazon join fight against cancer
Facebook, Google and Amazon have teamed up with Cancer Research UK to design a mobile game that will allow members of the public to help the search for new cancer drugs.

Saving our Education System with Gamification

A recent Forbes Article offers an interesting take on the value of gamification technology as one fix in our broken education system.
60 Second Gamification Tips with Gabe Zichermann

Chok! Coca-Cola’s Most Successful Hong Kong Marketing Campaign in 35 years

Coca-Cola has really been innovating with their marketing campaigns worldwide. We saw one Coke vending machine challenge mall visitors to dance for free Coke in South Korea. And another Coke machine in Europe challenged commuters to be James Bond to promote the release of Skyfall. Apparently, Coke isn’t done with using gamification for marketing as the Harvard Business Review blog shed some light on their Chok campaign — an initiative Coca-Cola claims to be the best Hong Kong marketing campaign they’ve accomplished in 35 years.


Why Limiting Emails to 50 Words Is a Great Idea

Groupon CEO Andrew Mason came up with a great idea the other day that has nothing to do with daily deals. Mason, who’ was ousted after his company reported poor results in the fourth quarter, tweeted a proposal that would have profound implications for anyone struggling to reach Inbox Zero nirvana.

Jennifer Lawrence backstage after 2013 Oscar Win

How to get along for 500 days alone together
The search is on for a couple to train as astronauts, for a privately funded mission to Mars. But wouldn’t any couple squabble if cooped up together for 18 months?

China parades foreign Mekong killers before execution
Four foreign men have been executed in China for the murder of 13 Chinese fishermen on the Mekong river in 2011, after being paraded on state TV.

Bradley Manning Admits to Being Wikileaks Source
Bradley Manning effectively admitted during court proceedings Thursday to providing Wikileaks with classified military documents and footage. Manning also claimed he first tried to contact several U.S. news organizations before going to Wikileaks.

Harlem shake reaches new heights; FAA not amused
Washington (CNN) — It’s the dance sensation that’s sweeping above the nation — at 30,000 feet.

-aggregated by Philippa Craig-Humphreys, Panel Development Manager

March 1st, 2013

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