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Top Innovators: AOL, Frito Lay and Graco EXPLOR Award Finalists

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by Chuck Miller, Digital Marketing & Measurement (DM2)

Next week is one of my favorite times of the year:  the annual presentation of the EXPLOR Award, honoring innovation in marketing research.  Delivered by uSamp and DM2, the awards bring together clients and providers to showcase great case studies using methods that push the boundaries of market research.  Finalists and winners are those judged to stand-out from their peers in delivering a creative new way of gaining insights into our world.  The winning case study is always enlightening, and it is presented and shared with the industry at IIR’s The Market Research Event.

The EXPLOR Awards began in 1999 as a means of showcasing the best applications using the then fledgling capabilities of online research. The EXPLOR acronym represented “Exemplary Performance and Leadership in Online Research.”  The idea originated in a meeting I had with Peter Dickson, at that time the director of the University of Wisconsin’s A.C. Nielsen Center for Marketing Research. Back in those days, there were lots of arrows shot at online research, but we knew it was being used meaningfully – so we sought to highlight the best cases and best practices.  Over the years, as online research became more accepted (and in many case the norm), we expanded the award to include ALL research innovation.  The best cases annually bring together new methods with new technologies to deliver insights in truly groundbreaking ways.

This year we have three amazing finalists with unique approaches to delivering insights. They are:

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November 7th, 2012

Posted in Industry Trends