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Survey Respondents Are People: Let’s Start Treating Them That Way

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by Ben Leet, Sales Director, uSamp

I recently attended the MRS annual conference in London, and as usual it was an inspiring and thought provoking event. Of the papers or presentations that I was lucky enough to watch, very few were based on self-promotion and instead focused on what we as an industry can do to improve our craft. Topics ranged from gamification to NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), case studies on new or innovative methodologies, and of course, the odd interesting debate.

One thing struck me as distinctly lacking from any topic, and that is a very simple principle that uSamp has held for a long time – survey respondents are also people. People have a life outside of sitting on their computers / iPads / iPhones and taking online surveys. I really feel that the industry is losing sight of this. Maybe because there is no telephone or face-to-face contact with the respondent. Maybe because the appeal of mobile surveying has eclipsed attention to panelist experience (mobile does not mean that respondents are impervious to the invasiveness of answering questions that are poorly formatted to the medium). Maybe because we, as an online panel industry refer to our people as “assets”, “sources”, “panelists”, “traffic.” Whatever the reason, I’m calling on us as an industry to re-focus.

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April 18th, 2012

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Conservative Innovation: How MR is Keeping Pace with Technology and Global Expansion

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by Ben Leet, Sales Director

Ben joined the uSamp UK team at the very beginning, and is charged with directing the UK sales team, and building out our new client relationships in Europe. Prior to joining uSamp Ben held senior positions with Decision Tree Consulting, Toluna and Ugam, the first of which saw Ben designing, conducting and delivering full service research programmes to blue chip clients for over 5 years, before joining the online panel business at Toluna in early 2008. This combination allows Ben to understand all aspects of the market research process, adding value to uSamp clients along the way. Ben is a Graduate of the Nottingham Business School in the UK with a BA (Hons) in European Business.

uSamp’s very first blog entry heralded the inauguration of uSamp UK by featuring a Q&A with European MD Gaelle Normand. Since then, our office has expanded. We serve as a reminder of uSamp’s international presence, and the global integration of the MR industry as a whole.

We may be virtually connected at all times, but this the past month has reminded us that sometimes breathing the same air as MR Thought Leaders is better than a Skype chat. On a smaller scale, uSamp gathered our global team and clients at Paramount, the top of the Centrepoint building in London for our European launch party. On a larger scale, MR professionals from near and afar assembled at the ESOMAR Congress in Amsterdam. There were several late nights across the events, but also some interesting debates and discussions with clients, colleagues, and even the odd competitor!

As you can imagine, the MR industry was a-buzz with healthy debates ranging from online panel representivity (a blog post in itself!), all the way through to innovations such as gamification, mobile research and social media monitoring.

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September 28th, 2011

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