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Around the Web: What Marketers Can
Learn From Real-Time Sharing

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By The Editors

US consumers are using mobile devices now more than ever to share opinions about products and brands, but often through “dark” social sharing channels. Dark social outlets such as email, instant messaging and texting are often the main source of real-time sharing, accounting for 59 percent of content-sharing activity. “Mobile marketers can take advantage of all this dark social sharing that’s happening in email, text messaging and IM by focusing on distributing offers, promotions and coupons and providing customer service that might make the difference in capturing a sale,” said Eric Bader, chief marketing officer of RadiumOne.

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December 8th, 2014

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Can Micro-Surveys Improve
Your B2B Marketing Strategy?

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By Jared Smith, Content Marketing Manager

B2B market research

The business to business (B2B) space is a notoriously difficult one in which to market. It’s an entirely different process than marketing to consumers. Instead of appealing to just one buyer and having to emphasize the right benefits, you’re often dealing with buying committees. In addition to the challenges of identifying and engaging with buying committees, B2B marketers face long sales cycles, convoluted buying processes and a demand for copious amounts of information. Strategic market insights can help shorten the sales cycle, produce content that drives conversations and generally help companies develop a better relationship with the market.

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November 21st, 2014

Posted in Online Research

Gridiron Marketing Season: 3 Tips for
Bringing Home the “W”

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By Joe Jordan, Vice President of Panel Operations

Photo by Mike Strasser/West Point Directorate of Public Affairs and Communications

Fall is upon us. Labor Day is now a distant memory, flip flops have been moved to the back of the closet and football engulfs television Thursday through Monday.

Marketers are excited for this fall football season as well. The Super Bowl is fast approaching, and the holiday shopping season is right around the corner—all prime times for marketing and advertising. Marketers may not realize it but like coaches, they too need a playbook that will help put their teams in a position to bring home that big bowl victory this season. But what goes into a marketing playbook and where do you start?

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October 27th, 2014

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Email Sampling Is Dead: Long Live The Web (and mobile)!

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by Matt Dusig, Co-founder & CEO

Every once in a while, I like to rock the boat. With this blog title, it seems I’ve just predicted the demise of one of the core functions of sample delivery and it’s not only a challenge to the MR industry, but to uSamp as well. This doesn’t mean we’ll stop recruiting panelists into surveys using our email sampling systems — that would mean cutting off the lifeline of the millions of panelists that come through our systems every month. But, having experienced many technological changes in my life, I have become more adept at recognizing the decline of traditional methodologies. And in this case, the next casualty of panelist recruitment and engagement will be email delivery.

Technology eclipsing itself is nothing new. Look at the terrestrial radio industry and the constant decline of listeners and advertising revenue to online and satellite streams. Over-the-air broadcast radio still works and millions still use it, but it’s on the decline and the industry is undoubtedly changing forever.

Market researchers may not being dealing with the loss of radio listeners, but they can certainly learn a lesson from their peers in the music business. The writing is on the wall: Over time, email-based sampling and recruitment will diminish in value.

When I started in sampling in 2000, email response rates were high and email marketing was a valuable way to drive web traffic for lead generation and monetization. But today, just like radio, response rates for email continue to decline.

So what’s next?

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November 20th, 2012

Posted in Mobile Research

Will Social Media Kill Market Research?

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by Ben Leet, Sales Director

It’s easy to sit and blame Mark Zuckerberg. After all, isn’t he the one that radically changed the way that humans interact with each other, creating this frenzy around two buzzwords: “social media”?

However Facebook hasn’t changed the way human beings think, interact or communicate–it’s simply given us a tool to do this more efficiently than we could have done before.  Read the rest of this entry »

January 25th, 2012

Posted in Industry Trends