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The Power of Convenience:
Mobile Market Research in an On-the-Go World

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By The Editors


It’s no secret that we at uSamp are excited about mobile technology. Smartphones and tablets open up a whole new realm of market research – often resulting in richer, more interesting data. Mobile enhances in-context product testing by introducing convenience. Consumers can provide feedback and record smartphone video responses while still in the store aisle, and they can continue while in home and testing out the products. uSamp VP of product innovation Justin Wheeler recently sat down with Bob Lederer of the famous Research Business Daily Report to talk about what exactly mobile technology can do for market research and the benefits of having another platform to get insights. Watch the entire video interview below.

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April 23rd, 2014 at 6:11 pm

GRIT Review: Are We Pioneers?
Market Research’s Foot-in-the-Past Problem

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The industry’s final word on all things market research is here at last! The winter 2014 GreenBook Research Industry Trends (GRIT) Report released this week, and it’s chock-full of fascinating insights, trends, and discussions about where the industry is headed. Our very own Robert Clancy, VP of Insights and Strategy, adds his commentary on the slow adoption of mobile in the industry and what might be holding researchers back. See below for more.

2014 Year-in-Preview:
Ben Leet’s Predictions

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In this post, Ben Leet shares his predictions on where the market research industry is headed in 2014.

What is your New Year’s resolution in 140 characters?

Stay ahead of the game! The pace of change will not slow down anytime soon.

What do you anticipate being the biggest trend for 2014, and why?

As mentioned before, I think the wider marketing world is going to move increasingly into big data analytics to find uplifts in marketing ROI, and I still think research has a big part to play in this area. And, of course, mobile methodologies will continue to evolve and adoption of them will increase.

What companies/brands do you think will do well in 2014, and why?

Those that understand how consumers think and move with them will do well across all verticals, but those that continue to “do what we’ve always done” will start to fall by the wayside pretty quickly.

Any thoughts on what 2014’s biggest buzzword might be?


What will success look like in 2014?

For my company it will be to continue innovating and bringing new concepts and ideas to the marketplace, and I hope the same is true for the industry at large.

2013 Year-in-Review:
Lisa Wilding-Brown’s Reflections for Research Magazine

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In this interview with Research Magazine, Lisa Wilding-Brown shares her thoughts on the events that shaped the market research industry, marketing, and technology in 2013.

Looking Back

What has been the biggest development of 2013?

Mobile market research has profoundly impacted the industry in 2013 because it has added a contextual element that other research methodologies lack. Real-time interaction with the consumer at the point of purchase or consumption yields rich findings that might not be possible to ascertain from a consumer who is removed by time and space. What’s more, mobile is much less invasive and more time- and cost-efficient than traditional strategies.

What was 2013’s biggest buzzword?

Geofencing. Although still in its infancy, a technology like geofencing  is critical to implementing effective mobile campaigns. Using smartphone geolocation, we can identify consumers entering or exiting specific vendors and then send highly targeted studies that get us closer to that moment of truth at the shelf, aisle, or restaurant.

What was, in your opinion, the best campaign (ad/brand/political/social) of 2013, and why?

The recent media blitz for the new Anchorman 2 movie has been impressive. Will Ferrell’s character Ron Burgundy has been showing up in all kinds of real-life situations and spawning dozens of viral videos. He even co-anchored the nightly news at a local station in North Dakota. I love to see creative media campaigns like this one; it’s fun when fiction seeps into reality and we can see our favorite characters come to life.

What has been the year’s biggest success story?

Netflix’s dive into original content was one of this year’s greatest successes, proving that listening to the consumer is one of the most effective strategies for developing an excellent product. Their ability to cull data and preferences from their large subscriber base to find a winning combination in producer David Fincher and actor Kevin Spacey is a great reminder for all of us that the consumer still knows best.

What has been the year’s biggest disappointment/anti-climax, and why?

The launch of the website was so highly anticipated but will likely be remembered as one of the most bungled product launches of the past few years. The implementation of the marketplace was executed poorly, and consumers were left out in the cold. We actually surveyed our panel to better understand the user experience and learned that 4 out of 5 people encountered technical difficulties ranging from error messages to not being able to create an account.

2013 Year-in-Review: Top 5 uSamp Blog Posts

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Data, whether it was being leaked, mined, or modified by “big,” was on everyone’s minds in 2013. Mobile technology continued to push forward with lower-cost, higher-tech, sharper-pixelated options emerging in the market; while telecommuting, something that seemed the natural progression of the digitally savvy millennial, took a step backward. Many of these major developments also rippled through the market research community, so uSamp’s leaders took to the blog to weigh in and offer commentary on how these changes shaped the direction of our industry.

Here are our top five blog posts from 2013:


#5 An App Alternative: How the Mobile Web Expands Reach

A late entry in the year but an obvious contender for top blog post. In this piece, uSamp director of product Allen Vartazarian explains why mobile apps are not the only game in town when it comes to mobile market research.

#4 The Virtual Office Place: Productive or Disruptive?

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s decision to pull the company plug on all telecommuting sparked huge debates everywhere from the water cooler to Twitter and more. In an age where technology has made working remotely so easy, the ban seemed a counter-intuitive move on Mayer’s part. We took the polarizing debate to our panel and received surprising results, which we pulled together in this infographic.

#3 Big Data in Market Research: Big Deal or Big Hype?

Big data was certainly the buzzword of record early in the year, that is, until over-zealous jargon junkies sucked every last drop of meaning out of it. And while data may be the new gluten-free in the media, it’s a familiar face for those in the MR space. In this piece, our former director of analytics, Siva Venkataraman, took a moment to demystify big data and articulate its real potential.

#2 Mobile Apps and Data Privacy: How Much Information Are You Willing to Share?

In hindsight, it seems less surprising that during a year when we all marveled at the power of numbers, we also become painfully aware of abuses in data collection. With the public outcry over NSA practices, we couldn’t resist polling Americans about where they stood on personal data and privacy.

#1 A Geofencing Primer

2013 was a year to stay on the fence—the geofence, that is. One of the most exciting strategies to emerge in mobile market research was geofencing, the ability to use location-based technology in smartphones to connect with customers in-store, at the very point of purchase or consumption. We found this topic so interesting, we devoted an entire three-part series to it. Click here for parts two and three.

Link Dump: March 2 – 15 2013

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Even The Pope Tweets! Image courtesy of USA TODAY

Welcome to uSamp’s bi-weekly link dump: A compilation of all things trending in Market Research, Mobile, Social Media, Gamification and more. We hope you’ll find this aggregation as informative and entertaining as we do. Let us know if there are items that you’d like to see included in the next link dump!

Market Research

Adapt to survive, warns latest Grit survey
US — Traditional researchers will have to move away from data collection if they are to survive in a world of social media monitoring, according to the latest survey on market research trends.

Shock of the New – an interview with Jane Frost
The MRS Annual Conference kicks off next week with sportsmen, artists, broadcasters and scientists on the agenda. But what does it all mean for research? Avery Dennison’s Edward Appleton asked MRS chief executive Jane Frost to explain all.

Social Media

The top 10 most irritating social media updates
A new survey has revealed the 10 most annoying types of social media update. How many are you guilty of?

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March 18th, 2013 at 6:18 pm

Email Sampling Is Dead: Long Live The Web (and mobile)!

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by Matt Dusig, Co-founder & CEO

Every once in a while, I like to rock the boat. With this blog title, it seems I’ve just predicted the demise of one of the core functions of sample delivery and it’s not only a challenge to the MR industry, but to uSamp as well. This doesn’t mean we’ll stop recruiting panelists into surveys using our email sampling systems — that would mean cutting off the lifeline of the millions of panelists that come through our systems every month. But, having experienced many technological changes in my life, I have become more adept at recognizing the decline of traditional methodologies. And in this case, the next casualty of panelist recruitment and engagement will be email delivery.

Technology eclipsing itself is nothing new. Look at the terrestrial radio industry and the constant decline of listeners and advertising revenue to online and satellite streams. Over-the-air broadcast radio still works and millions still use it, but it’s on the decline and the industry is undoubtedly changing forever.

Market researchers may not being dealing with the loss of radio listeners, but they can certainly learn a lesson from their peers in the music business. The writing is on the wall: Over time, email-based sampling and recruitment will diminish in value.

When I started in sampling in 2000, email response rates were high and email marketing was a valuable way to drive web traffic for lead generation and monetization. But today, just like radio, response rates for email continue to decline.

So what’s next?

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November 20th, 2012 at 6:05 pm

Hybrid Technology: The Fabulous Phablet [INFOGRAPHIC]

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by Dinaz Kachhi, Manager of Research Insights, uSamp

Over the last decade, we have witnessed a convergence of devices taking user convenience and experience to another level. The combination of iPod and phone led to the creation of iPhone, which was one of the best examples of unification on a mobile platform. From that point on, there has been a proliferation of devices that have the ability to perform multiple functions – the most recent hybrid? The“Phablet”.

In order to keep ahead of the curve and create a niche in the market, the mobile industry packaged two highly popular consumer devices (the smartphone and the mini tablet, in case you haven’t guessed yet).  Samsung was one of the first movers in this space, introducing “Galaxy Note” which offers the unique combination of 5  x  7’’ screen along with smartphone capabilities. As other tech companies started to realize the huge potential, they came to market with similar offerings.

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October 9th, 2012 at 5:36 pm

Mobile Solutions: 3 Ways Businesses Can Leverage Mobile Research

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Matt Dusig, Co-founder & CEO and Allen Vartazarian, Senior Product Manager

Global CommunicationEveryone in Market Research has mobile on the tip of their tongue: mobile surveys, mobile panelists, SMS, push notifications, geo-location, geo-fencing and app installs are just a few of the features being discussed. A recent article in Quirk’s argued that mobile research is not just about translating desktop surveys to a small screen; instead, it’s about creating media-rich experience of profiles, location and commerce.

But what does this all mean? What does it take to successfully execute a mobile strategy today? Is it as simple as formatting surveys for the smaller screen or do more robust capabilities need to be baked into this on-the-go solution? Should we look for technology, panels or both? What’s the experience for panelists?

Taking these questions into consideration, it is important to focus on simple but effective mobile business solutions, where you can connect and learn from your customers. Here are some mobile strategies for your company to take into consideration:


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July 18th, 2012 at 6:41 pm