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uSamp’s Security Layers: Protecting Clients’ Data

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by Melanie Courtright, Senior VP of Research Solutions

Melanie Courtright is Senior Vice President of Research Solutions at uSamp. In her current role, Melanie is responsible for sampling quality, customer satisfaction, and research on research initiatives, including product development and   testing. Before joining uSamp, Melanie spent over a decade at a full-service research firm in Dallas, TX where she developed her strong research background and her passion for effective sampling.

Everything in life has layers. Onions, our skin, the earth, the atmosphere, even something as fluid as the ocean. Each layer acts as a reinforcement with the ultimate goal of protecting what lies beneath—the vital core.

At uSamp, we followed Mother Nature’s example when designing our data quality system. We’re employing layers of security that work together to protect the core asset—your data. A great example of a layered approach is the identity validation model we’ve developed.

As the first MR organization to utilize third-party identity validation techniques (since 2007), and share significant R-on-R with the rest of the industry, our team has a rich heritage in this area. Our repeated testing of nearly all of the digital fingerprinting and identity validation products available lends us a perspective shared by few.

Our experience and thorough analyses have demonstrated that there is no single solution to ensure high quality. As such, we have created a layered approach to validation and security to best serve our clients. This technique capitalizes on the unique strengths of each validation company, yielding the broadest possible set of respondents with the best security. Read the rest of this entry »

August 31st, 2011

Posted in Data Quality